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We offer FREE, NO OBLIGATION quotes and initial visits.


Day Care - Your dog will be thoroughly spoilt throughout the day, as well as being walked and let out into the exercise paddock during their stay and all you need to do is drop them off and pick them up.

Let Out visits - We will let your dog out into your garden for a play so that they aren't stuck in all day whilst you're at work.

Walking - If you don't have time to walk your dog enough, we can help by getting them out to stretch their legs whilst you're at work. You can tell us how long you would like them to be walked for and where you walk them in your local area.

Boarding - Going away for a while? Why not let your dog have a holiday of its own! Your dog will be kept in our home to relieve some of the stress that leaving their owners brings. Dogs who are usually kept in outdoor kennels can also be catered for as we can provide a similar environment. Unlike kennels, they will be allowed to socialise with other dogs and during the day can run free in the secure dog exercise run as well as daily walks around our own dog walking path. So, rather than sending your dog to a scary kennels, bring them over to their home away from home.


Feeding visits - Cats struggle with leaving home and so while you're away, we can come to your house to feed the cats as well as any other simple chores such as picking up the post, drawing curtains or watering plants. As numbers of cats, numbers of visits and location may vary, you will have to call for a FREE quote.

Small Animals

Pet Visits - For animals that don't need too much attention, we offer house visits whilst you are away for animals such as: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Cats, Fish and Birds. We are able to feed the animals and check they have water and are generally healthy. We will not offer Pet Visits to dogs whilst you are away as they cannot be left alone overnight.

Pet Boarding - If you want your small animal to have a little more attention or are worried about leaving them at home whilst you're away, we offer Pet Boarding. Your small animal can be kept in its own cage or outdoor hutch and we will keep them in an area away from the the dogs for their safety.

Hens, Ducks and Aviary Birds

House Visits - Whilst you're away, we can visit your aviary to care for your birds in their own environment. We can give your birds their food, water, collect their eggs and all without the stress that moving to a different aviary can sometimes cause.

Boarding - Rather than leaving your birds at home whilst you're away, why not opt for the Boarding service? Your birds will be kept in fox-proof aviaries with a constant supply of food and water and a small house to go in at night and to lay eggs.


Horse Visits - We can visit your horse to feed, water and let them out into their paddock. Please call for details and a FREE quote.

Holiday Livery - With our plentiful land, it is possible for us to allow other horses on our land for us to care for whilst you are away. The fields are viewable from the house so that we can keep an eye on them throughout the day. Please call for details and a FREE quote.